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Suzuyo's Solutions for Emergency Cargoes

We make overall optimal proposals in line with sudden changes in the logistics environment.

Transloading Service

Reduction of ocean container transportation time from a port of US to your delivery location.

Other Services

Preferred LCL

Door delivery LCL service for Asia to US. Stable & Shorter lead time than normal LCL service.

Other services

WWEFWorld Wide Express Freight

Reliable Door to Door delivery whether your pallet-size cargoes are emergency.

Other Services

Welcome to Suzuyo America, Inc.

Shipments in in Forest Park, Georgia

With more than 200 years of history with its parent company, Suzuyo America, Inc. is a proud member of the Suzuyo Group that focuses on streamlining the supply chain management among businesses. We provide secure and safe logistics in USA and beyond to help diverse businesses grow. From warehousing to delivering your items to your destinations, our company strives to address your organization’s logistics needs effectively.

News / Blog

Revolutionizing Warehouse Operations in 2021

If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught supply chain companies, it is that to survive in today’s ever-changing, on-demand world, one needs to be quick and nimble.…”

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