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How Utilizing Blockchain Protects the Environment

How Utilizing Blockchain Protects the Environment

As the leading provider of logistics in Forest Park, Georgia, we at Suzuyo America, Inc. aim to act in the least damaging possible way to the environment and support initiatives that can make our environment a better place to live in for future generations to come.

As such, we utilize technologies that allow for this such as blockchain, a distributed database technology that delivers unprecedented convenience, efficient processes, immediate solutions, and makes for a sustainable environmental tool.

Here are some of the ways this can be possible:

  • It improves the sustainability and integrity of goods
    Blockchain makes full traceability of goods possible such that shipments in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, for instance, can be traced from their point to origin to the consumer’s doorstep thus transforming how suppliers, buyers, and regulators manage their supply chains.
  • It causes more efficient and more informed decision-making
    Because blockchain ensures automatic data collection and immutable data creation, all concerned parties are able to verify and approve data immediately which leads to faster turnaround overall such as our shipping services in Columbus, Ohio.
  • It protects supply chains from potential threats and disasters
    With real-time updates, a blockchain ensures that certain areas of supply chains can be isolated when threats and disasters arise. It also improves efficiency and coordination among concerned parties.

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