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What Importers Need to Know During Peak Season


Ocean freight and air freight schedules begin to tighten during peak seasons. Usually, imports and exports volumes, including shipments in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, rise as well as shipment fees.

In general, the peak season starts during the second half of the year between August and October to make it in time for the winter holidays. Importers tend to increase their inventories leading up to the Golden week of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas holiday sales.

To beat the “holiday” peak season, importers should follow these tips:

  • Plan ahead.
    Book your air or ocean freights schedule ahead of time. At least a week for air freights and 3 to 4 weeks for ocean freights.
  • Prepare for extra fees.
    As the demand for shipping services in Columbus, Ohio rises, so will the shipping rates for air, ocean, and land shipments.
  • Be flexible.
    Fast-transit shipments tend to be overbooked, so consider getting service with a slightly longer transit time.
  • Coordinate your shipments.
    During the high volume season, chances of port congestion are also high which can also result in delays in shipments. So, to save time, consider transloading as a legitimate option to manage your logistics in Forest Park, Georgia.

For more shipping tips and options, contact Suzuyo America, Inc., now.

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