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Why You Should Consider LCL Shipping


Less than Container Load (LCL) is a mode of shipment via ocean shipping where cargoes aren’t big enough to fill up an entire container. These cargoes will be consolidated along with other LCL shipments into one container.

Here are some tips to consider in deciding if you should ship by LCL or a full container load (FCL).

  • Keeping your inventory low

    A full warehouse is not only a challenge in logistics in Forest Park, Georgia, but also has a financial implication. With LCL, we can help you ship in smaller volumes and keep your inventory lean.

  • Easier delivery appointment schedules

    LCL can give you a little bit more time to move your shipments from Elk Grove Village, Illinois to their destination. This allows you to get a delivery appointment before you accrue storage fees.

  • Option to split shipments

    With LCL, you have the option to split your shipment rather than sending multiple full loads at once. This also allows you to send your cargo anytime without having to wait to fill up a container.

But when in doubt, contact Suzuyo America, Inc. We offer different types of shipping services in Columbus, Ohio including LCL priority service.

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