Suzuyo America Team Profile



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Mission Statement

Our mission is to fill in the gaps in the supply chain management and propel business growth by providing effective logistics solutions to our clients. Our work has built strong partnerships and earned loyalty and trust from our diverse partners around the world.

stacked cargo containers in storage area of freight sea port terminal.As a branch of the Suzuyo Group, Suzuyo America takes pride in its long history of helping businesses grow and providing logistics in Forest Park, Georgia and beyond.

For over two hundred years now, our offices in the Americas have grown significantly. And with our current staff, we meet your business’s unique shipping needs by analyzing your business objectives and looking into the possible challenges that may come along the way.

Our Strength: One-Stop Service

  • One window manages all our different services in a detailed and flexible way.
  • Deep and wide knowledge of automotive parts logistics in North America.
  • Deep and wide knowledge of customs compliance and CHB operations (Japanese-speaking US-CHB license holder in the house).
  • Our vast network of logistics partners (warehouse, surface, air, ocean) can provide reliable supply chain management.
  • Unique logistics services with UPS North America Team Driver Network (NAAFN).
  • Most efficient machinery engineering transportation services.

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