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container cargo freight ship for logistic import export conceptSuzuyo Group uses the word “TOMOIKI” that has been handed down from past times. This “TOMOIKI” is the basis of business management and is also the spiritual foundation that connects us with the local community and our customers.

In addition, the idea of “TOMOIKI” includes the kindness of being close to one another and the severity of living independently. For over 200 years since our founding, we have constantly been struggling to overcome numerous difficulties but because of our inherited spirit of “TOMOIKI,” we have been able to repeatedly reform ourselves to always be necessary for our customers and society.

In the current environment surrounding logistics, higher service levels are required due to the diversification and sophistication of consumer needs, but as declining birthrates and aging population continue, the working-age population is decreasing leading to an acceleration in labor shortage. In such times, logistic optimization is expected to be further required.

In order to respond to the needs of these times, we ensure that “Our field of strength” which is to improve the safety, quality and productivity cultivated every day at places of land, sea and sky distribution in Japan and overseas, as well as to tackle our customer’s issues. We are working on the improvement of these two powers by making appropriate proposals to solve the problems for the entire distribution process through thorough grasping and researching “problem-solving ability”.