Suzuyo America Team Profile



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What sets us apart from our competitors

Truck on the road

Our Field of Strength

Our strength lies in over two hundred years experience in transporting products to warehouses, stores, customers, etc. We’ve been able to complete our responsibilities effectively through:

  • Distribution Center/Warehousing
  • International Transportation
  • Port Cargo Handling
  • Import/Export Customs Consulting

Making Solutions

We help businesses of all types increase revenues and fill in the gaps in supply chain management through well-planned logistics solutions. We employ advanced tools and approaches to ensure quality results at all times.

  • Transporting Handling of Dangerous Goods
  • Machinery Transportation
  • Outsourcing
  • 3PL Services

All Over Japan & World Wide Network

We have expanded exponentially since the day we started. And we want your business such success, too. Our vast network helps you reach your products to every corner of the world through our:

  • Strategic Alliance with UPS
  • Overseas Development

You can visit Suzuyo & Co., Ltd. website to know more.