Suzuyo America Team Profile



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  • Hirao Tsutomu

    Hirao Tsutomu (President)

    Tsutomu have worked in Singapore and the Philippines besides before working in the United States. 
    He has over 10 years of experience overseas and has done moving 7 times during his career!
    He holds a Customs House Broker License in Japan and IATA Diploma three course.
    He loves the sea and the mountains and loves scuba diving and skiing, but hates going to cold places recently because he has been in the Philippines for such a long time.

  • Hisashi Nagashima

    Hisashi Nagashima (Managing Director)

    Hisashi is a 30+ years veteran in logistics industry. He holds a Customs House Broker License in Japan and has helped different sizes of companies in designing and executing distribution models over North America and globally. His passion is to “Do the right thing”! On weekends, he enjoys running, cooking and fishing

  • Kimitake Fujita

    Kimitake Fujita(Director of Sales/Regional Manager, Atlanta, GA.)

    With extensive knowledge and experience over 20 years, Kimitake is dealing with a lots of logistics challenges & requirements from our valued customers worldwide. His motto is a
    “Grit” and enjoys competing a full Marathon for last 6 years.

  • Miyuki Yamada

    Miyuki Yamada(Customer Service Supervisor)

    Miyuki has joined Suzuyo America Inc in 2014 after experiencing the customer service and sale representative. Miyuki was honored as the best employee award in 2018 in Suzuyo global group! Her idea of best customer service is “Put yourself in the others’ shoes and think”. Miyuki enjoys golfing, playing Yoga and visiting antique malls for treasure hunt during the weekend.

  • Koji Yamada

    Koji Yamada(Regional Manager, Chicago, IL)

    Koji has been with Suzuyo America for 20 years. He holds a U.S. Customs Broker License and has a vast experience in the field of logistics. He has provided his knowledge and helped many Japan-based companies in the US. He likes to think in “positive way” to be an “active” person and take “one step beyond” each day !

  • Ryu Shinozaki

    Ryu Shinozaki(Account Executive, Atlanta, GA)

    Zack is an account executive based in our Atlanta office. He holds a Customs House Broker License in Japan and has been assisting day-to-day logistics operation as well as complicated trade management issues such as trade tariff. Before assigned in Atlanta, he worked with Japanese automobile industry closely as a freight forwarder and an agency of steam ship line. With experience under his belt, he assists his client from wide perspective. On weekends, he enjoys horseback riding.

  • Yayoi Lasane

    Yayoi Lasane(Customer Service Rep, Atlanta, GA)

    Yayoi joined Suzuyo America in 2017.
    She’s worked for small and large companies as a seasoned pro in a leadership role.
    Her philosophy is “Team work makes the dream work.”
    On her days off, she enjoys travelling, watching movies and reading books. Yayoi’s favorite vacation spot is Jamaica.

  • Mitsunobu Kikuchi

    Mitsunobu Kikuchi(Customer Service Rep, Atlanta, GA)

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  • Terumi Sergent

    Terumi Sergent(Customer Service Rep, Atlanta, GA)

    Terumi is the newest customer service team member at Suzuyo America.
    She has experience in American/Japanese customer service for about 7 years.
    Strong skills in team work and dedicated to customer satisfaction.
    Enjoys cooking and eating, teaching fitness classes as instructor on weekend.

  • Wataru Nakajima

    Wataru Nakajima(Accounting & Admin Supervisor, Atlanta, GA)

    Wataru is a Georgia CPA and a member of AICPA.  Prior to joining the Suzuyo America , he had worked in the music industry in charge of production and marketing for 20 years.  By the radical change of the industry, he decided to go back to school to study accounting and took an internship with the CPA firm, supporting local businesses for taxes, accounting & financing.  He joined Suzuyo in 2011.   Wataru enjoys music, books and movies in his private time, beloved by his spouse Denise and three doggies.

  • Ryo Kogure

    Ryo Kogure(Regional Manager, Coumbus, OH)

    Ryo has experience handling Exporting & Importing especially for automotive industry and transportation for machinery including installation & disassembly in North America. He also worked in husbanding ocean vessels in Shimizu port, where Suzuyo’s Japan head office is located.
    On weekends, he enjoys playing with his son, watching movie and go shopping, spending whole time with family.

  • Yoshiko Jarosz

    Yoshiko Jarosz(Customer Service Rep, Columbus, OH)

    I moved to US in 2003, and has joined Suzuyo Team since 2016. Before joining team, I was working in Auto Manufacturing Field, and that experience is helping me understand customers’ situations. His favorite phrase is: “These virtues are stored in your mind, There is visible reward”. During weekends or my free time, I enjoy outdoors and cooking.

  • Tomotaka Kawaguchi

    Tomotaka Kawaguchi(Customer Service Rep, Columbus, OH)

    Tomo is a well experienced customer service representative at Columbus, Ohio office.
    Based on his previous experience as a hotel manager, he understands customers’ needs and provides excellent care.
    On his free time, he enjoys driving with his family to see places and try new restaurants in such as Chicago, Indianapolis, Niagara Falls, and Toronto.
    When he retires, his dream is to travel across the U.S. by car.